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The following testimonies describe some of the extraordinary experiences that clients have had with Transformations Brain Integration Therapy.  The text is quoted from letters and emails concerning work we have done. Out of respect for the privacy of our clients, contact information has not been provided unless the client has specifically given their permission to be contacted.


If you wish to know more about these experiences, please contact us by phone or email.  Many of these people would be happy to talk to you about their own healing and the healing that has taken place in the lives of their children.  The full text of these letters is available upon request.


LEARNING DISABILITIES---Dyslexia, ADD/ADHD, Handwriting Problems, Autism, CP, PDD

L. L. ---15 year old girl---Adopted from overseas   Our daughter has been taking horse back riding lessons for many years from the same instructor.  This instructor had no idea that we were taking our daughter for the Brain Integration Therapy program.  After several sessions with Becky the instructor approached my husband and I and said, "I can't believe how well she is doing with her riding now.  Her comprehension of and ability to follow instructions has improved dramatically this summer."  Our daughter has also recently begun taking karate classes.  I have had the instructor and many of the advanced students comment on how quickly she is picking up the moves.  Her ability to concentrate and follow through on tasks has improved greatly in recent weeks.  My husband and I have also noticed that she is more respectful to us, more helpful around the house and able to modulate her moods much better than before.  Mary A.--- Mother


Taylor A.---10 year old boy---ADD  "My only regret is that we didn't pursue this earlier!"  Renee Y.---Mother and Play Therapist


Molly B.---8 year old girl---Autism  "Our lives are drastically better because of your therapy."  Kathy B.---Mother


Alexander D.----9 year old boy---Dyslexia and Stuttering---"My son now reads above grade level.  He feels in control of his speech and is pleased that soon he won't be in Special Education any more.  He doesn't need it.  He has emerged as a confident individual and student ready and excited to learn.  Obviously we are thrilled!"  Marita D.---Mother and former High School Counselor


Jeff M.---10 year old boy---Autism---"Jeffrey loves to communicate now and it is getting better every day.  I look at him and I see a whole new future for him.  And I think he sees that for himself too."  C. M.---Mother


Tyler G.---12 year old boy---Autism---"Tyler's tutor has commented that working with Tyler now is like working with a different child.  The first thing she noticed was how much better his handwriting was.  She was a Special Ed teacher in District 20 before staying home with her children---She would like to come and observe what you do because she was impressed with what happened with Tyler...We are doing so much better since we began working with you!" Donna G.---Mother


Vance J.---5 year old boy----Pervasive Developmental Delay--- "With other programs we made gains, but none of them were as immediate and as notably helpful to my son's peace of living within his own body as your gift to him." Wendy J.---Mother


Caleb K.---6 year old boy---Visual Perceptual Problems---"Caleb loved Becky so much that he was upset when the process was complete.  The results were dramatic!  He increased his reading level by two years and increased his score on the visual perceptual testing by 2 years 9 months in a short period of time.  This work is well worth the investment you will make."  Rhonda K.---Mother


David S.---Left Side Head Injury---"Dave is now able to string more words together and he can hear his inner voice and self correct.  He is learning how to read again and his short term memory has drastically improved.  The list goes on and on."  Dave was severely head injured and not expected to live.  These comments are from his sister Kathy B. 


Ken E.---Closed head Injury from a Car Accident----"BIT has helped me bring resolution to the issues that I was left with after those in the medical field did their best and offered me no hope." 



Mark L.---Businessman---"My personal growth from being Repattern has been nothing short of incredible.  My business and personal relationships have improved immeasurably.  My family and I are grateful for Repatterning and for Becky and Corlea as well."


Kevin M.---Occupational Therapist---"I was deaf and now I can hear---This is a miracle!"


Rosalie J.----Investment Consultant---"Repatterning changed my life!  I'll be forever grateful for the time, energy, money, prayer and tears you put into developing this therapy."



Logan W.---5-year-old boy---My son Logan had extreme difficulty with recognizing letters and numbers. In the summer before Kindergarten we would spend an hour a day going over numbers and letters. He could recognize 0-5 easily but couldn’t recognize 6-9. We would go over and over them, and that day he could recognize some, but the next day he would get them all mixed up again. We would even try visuals, like the 8 looks like a snowman, but the next day he couldn’t remember them. Once he was in kindergarten, the teacher would work for a half an hour a day with a small group of students on number recognition. After two months of that intensive work, he still could not accurately recognize 6-9. He also could recognize very few letters. We then heard about Becky. Within three weeks of seeing Becky, Logan began to recognize two digit numbers on the side of the road as we were driving. He would call out the numbers and we would all be shocked that he was getting them right.  


He also began recognizing all of his letters, and his handwriting began to become legible. Another issue with Logan was that he could never sit still. It wasn’t just that he was active, but he seemed always to move in an agitated way. One day after seeing Becky, he went to dinner with my husband and I. He sat perfectly still, staring at some candles above a fireplace. He did this for one and a half hours, while my husband and I sat there and talked. My husband and I kept saying to each other, "I can’t believe this, this has never happened before!"  We were shocked, and really enjoying ourselves. Throughout the treatments with Becky, Logan continued to settle down and become much less agitated.


We have a cousin who is 63, and a teacher. One time, several months after beginning treatments, he said to us, ”Logan doesn’t have that ‘nobody home look’ anymore. He actually looks like he understands what you are saying now.” And he was understanding in a whole new way.


At the end of kindergarten, Logan was reading, counting by tens, doing double digit addition and subtraction, and fascinated with negative numbers.  His kindergarten teacher said she had never seen a child improve so rapidly in all of her career.  Our work with Becky has changed the course of Logan’s life. I honestly don’t know where he would be if she hadn’t helped him. As a psychotherapist, and as a mom from personal experience, I would highly recommend Becky. 


R. W.--Mother and Psychotherapist


Corbin P.---10 year old boy---Possible ADHD---"I heard about Becky's work from friends who have seen what she can do to help with reading issues and even autism...I have to tell you that even after the first session, even Corbin noticed a big difference in his ability to pay attention and remember things...After completing our sessions with Becky the whole family has noticed a big difference in Corbin and his ability to function in the world.  He no longer walks on his tip toes, he can remember instructions, he can sit still during a movie, he can finish his homework without tears, and he doesn't hang on us any more.  His speeech is better, he listens better, he even has forethought!  I dare say his manners are even better!  This year in school he has not missed an assignment, lost anything, or gotten in trouble for not paying attention.  His handwriting has improved incredibly and he has gotten straight A's in school.  We haven't fought about his homework all year!  Thank you Becky.  You truly have a gift of healing!   Alane P.---Mother


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