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How Transformations Brain Integration Therapy Works


Brain Integration Therapy

  • defines an area on which work will be done,

  • sets an objective,

  • performs physical activity designed to achieve the objective, and

  • checks to see whether the objective has been achieved. 

When the client has the right level of success the right number of times, that learning pattern becomes integrated into the brain, and the client is better able to use the pattern for effective learning and expression.



Who Needs TBIT?


People who are using only part of the brain to do tasks that the whole brain can do better exhibit symptoms that suggest they could benefit from Transformations Brain Integration Therapy.   Obviously, all of us experience some of these things once in a while, but people who get frustrated or angry because of these kinds of symptoms should consider BIT.  If these problems stop you from doing things that you want to do, BIT can help.


How does Brain Integration Therapy work? 


Where did these ideas come from? 


What kind of success rate does BIT have?


Are the results permanent? 


What is Repatterning? 


What is Muscle Checking? 


What are the exercises at home like? 


Is Transformations Brain Integration Therapy "New Age"? 


If I want to do this as a business, what is the catch? 


Are there situations when the therapy doesn't work? 

Professional Recommendations & Certificates


We are commited to working with parents, teachers and health professionals to achieve the best results possible.  The recommendations on the right side of this page are  from teachers and health professionals who have taken our classes or worked in tandem with us. >>>>>>>>>>>>>>>

Related Issues


The reasons for the struggles people have with learning are many and varied.  Many times there is more than one problem that has to be addressed in order for any therapy to be really effective.  It is our belief that we should be in partnership with parents and teachers and health professionals of many kinds to help alleviate learning problems.  Children with ADHD very often have body chemistry issues that must be addressed if true healing of the condition is to be gained.  Many times it is the parents who have to do the research that will lead them to really profitable solutions.  There is generally not one answer, or one easy solution, or a magic pill that will instantaneously make all the problems vanish.


Professional Recommendations

Suzie Molesky---Occupational Therapist

"I am so glad that I came to your workshop!  It has really changed the way I approach my work and has touched so many people." 

Jeff Shoemaker---The Council on Quality and Leadership

"Before too much time passes I want to thank you for your training session last Saturday.  My expectations for the class were met and exceeded---and your stories are wonderful!  Make time for them in every training that you do."

Inez Conner-Duran---Vision Therapist

"I can attest to the fact that the use of Brain Integration and the Acuspark have enhanced my Vision Therapy Program and made it profoundly effective."

Kay Amendt---Special Education Teacher

"I found the information in your seminar unbelievably relevant to the day to day behavior of my students. Using the techniques we learned produced results in my students almost immediately.  Other staff members came to me and told me they had noticed a difference in handwriting, reading, writing and organizational skills in these students...some of these students have even been staffed out of Special Education.  Others are doing so much better in all areas they have been put on consult...I would love the opportunity to tell everyone about your program."

Gail Warner---Chiropractor

"Rebecca is very well read and versed in balancing the neurological netting associated with ADHD, ADD, closed head injuries and brain trauma...she has a tool that is very important and should be taught to physical and occupational therapists, speech therapists and special educators.  Her results speak for themselves through the many satisfied clients she has produced."

Carin Rowan---Physical Therapist

"Rebecca Kennard distinguishes herself as an outstanding speaker and educator.  Her enthusiasm and interest in spreading this knowledge to assist with learning is refreshing and contagious.  Her's is an  innovative and creative approach... She is also a motivated team player interested in sharing this vital information with her colleagues in physical and occupational therapy, speech therapy, psychology and medicine.  Those who take these classes will find these techniques very clinically applicable and will leave with very tangible treatment techniques.  This tenacious and intelligent woman will not disappoint you!"

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