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The Surprising Link Between Nutrition & Mental Health (TEDx Talks)

Related Health Issues   

The reasons for the struggles people have with learning are many and varied.  Many times there is more than one problem that has to be addressed in order for any therapy to be really effective.  It is our belief that we are in partnership with parents and health professionals of many kinds to help alleviate learning problems.  Children with ADHD very often have body chemistry issues that must be addressed if true healing of the condition is to be gained.  Many times it is the parents who have to do the research that will lead them to really profitable solutions.  There is generally not one answer, or one easy solution, or a magic pill that will instantaneously make all the problems vanish.  It is our belief that Brain Integration Therapy can be part, but not necessarily all, of the answer to many of the problems that struggling learners face.  We suggest that parents whose children have taken many courses of antibiotics or steroids explore the possibility of yeast-related health problems.  Such problems can cause body and brain chemistry issues that will make TBIT less effective than it could be if these problems were addressed.  Seeking the proper medical help for such problems will make a big difference.


  • In your reading on these subjects, you will find that dyslexic people are often low in thyroid hormone. 

  • Some children who can't focus and sit still have blood sugar issues related to hypoglycemia.  They need more protein in their diet. 

  • Some children are sensitive to food additives. 

  • Some children are allergic to certain foods that can trigger certain behavioral issues.  

  • Most children with learning struggles will benefit from taking vitamin supplements and adjusting their diets.  For example, Vitamin B6 has been shown to be as effective as Ritalin in one in seven cases when taken with Magnesium.

  • Many children who had chronic ear infections will have ADD related to an inability to effectively process and hang on to what they hear.


Your TBIT consultant will help you track down these additional problems.   She may suggest a healthcare professional who can help you.  The more you read on these subjects, the more knowledgeable you will be, and better able to see how your child's unique makeup is affected.  In the section on related reading you will find recommendations for books to help you in your quest.   My first line of defense was to pray and ask God for direction in my search for answers for my child.  Prayer was my first step on the long journey to working with this therapy and health issues.  TBIT was my answer to prayer for me and my own child.   May God guide you to the right answer.


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